One billion people, more than 1600 languages spoken, 28 culturally different states and over 9 religions- all in one country, INDIA.

Different states mean different languages, cultures, religions, customs etc. And therefore, it simply means different types of WEDDINGS!!

Weddings in India is not just about a simple marriage between two people, it is about two families coming together celebrating the ceremony in the most dynamic manner. It is not only the parents getting involved in the marriage but the whole family and extended family.  Infact, in earlier times, parents never used to ask their children for marriage; they just got them married! Though this has now changed in urban areas and a lot in rural areas as well.

The fact of the matter is that weddings in India are not same as weddings in abroad. They are very different! Church marriage involves exchange of rings and taking vows in front of Jesus Christ and they are HAPPILY MARRIED EVER AFTER!

But but but, in India weddings involves ‘n’ number of occasions to be celebrated brightly, heavily both in food and money! Yes, it involves celebrations of Tikka then Roka then Sangeet, Cocktail Night, Engagement, Mehendi Night, Bachelor’s/bachelorette’s Night and the final day THE WEDDING DAY. *phew*

Although there are various states, religions and hence, the weddings, but the process goes on the same, however, the customs and rituals are different!

The most popular type of wedding in India is THE BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING!

This type of wedding is under the complete influence of status, money, deliciously amazing yummy Punjabi food, mind-blowing dances that includes both Punjabi/bhangra dance as well as bollywood/disco dance, heavier than weight sarees and lehengas :P, loud music and what not! A typical big fat Punjabi wedding!

Let’s get to the SOUTH now!

The south Indian marriages are very sober, soft and decent. They mainly focus on pujas, customs and their Indian beauty. The south Indians do not believe in spending way too much of money and showing off. They wear pure silk sarees, dark, neat kajal, south Indian heavy jewellery and jasmine flowers tied on hair neatly. On the wedding day various pujas like, ganpati puja, nandidevta puja, navagraha puja, etc are done & customs like: Kaasi Yatra, Vaaku Nichaya Muhoortham, Oonchal, Kanya Dhaanam etc are executed. This is how a south Indian marriage takes place.

Another popular type of marriage is “Aami Bhalochhi’ type wedding. Your guess is right! THE BENGALI WEDDINGS!

The Bengali weddings have different cultures, customs and rituals. Its starts with Aiburo Bhaat ceremony and ends with Oshtomongola ceremony. Red and White are the most auspicious colour for Bengalis.

The Bengali weddings include turmeric ceremony which is “yellowing the body” and then the wedding ceremony. During the wedding the bride is brought to the mandap on piri i.e. the wooden seat carried by her brothers, covering her face by beetal leaves. They begin every ceremony by blowing Conch-Shell and Uluation by the elder married women. You’ll always find sweet dishes like Rasogulla, misti-doi, Sandesh. And they will always be in red, white, orange sarees and hands & feet with aalta.

This is how the major weddings in India take place! I’m sure we all would have had such amazing experiences and are mad for such weddings!

This Article is Written by:

Ms. Barkhaa Narang
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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