MAHATAMA GANDHI believed ,”Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not any one ‘s greed .Our present attitude and behavior with environment is no more life supporting If this trend  ,it will make the world more polluted to even breathe The dire effect of imbalances in environment is observed in almost every sphere of life .We are acquainted of many issues which have caused such negative effect on our environment where we breathe .Population has always been a grave menace to every economy as it overstress the natural resources of the earth. The environmental degradation has badly affected the poor who depend upon natural resources. Henceforth, both poverty and environmental degradation are two facets of same challenge and it is widely recognized  that population growth is a function of poverty .With the advent of industrialization ,we all have become so dependent on luxuries, ,processed food etc that they have actually become our necessities. Further movement of rural populations towards urban cities is putting unwarranted constraint on basic infrastructure of cities .Thus in the endeavor to manage our life style we end up deteriorating the virtue of the environment.  Thus, every individual has to take a step to cooperate with the nature and try to sustain the environment.

With this, the need for various career options in the field of environmental science have arisen. The various career options are:-

1) ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTISTS-Skilled scientists play a significant role as they scan the environmental issues, find out the problems and carry various R & D activities so that a clean environment can be built by developing cleaner technologies environmental management and environmental engineering are new career options to protect environment.

2) ENVIRONMENTAL LAWYERS-Since various environmental laws have been made to create awareness in people for problems faced by them .Hence the requirement of environmental lawyers, which deal with the cases related to water & air pollution, bio-diversity etc.

3) ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITORS-There is now an increasing emphasis on marketing goods with ISO marks, which are environmental friendly. Hence a check is required to ensure authenticity of various products marketed by companies, hence the profile of environmental auditors and managers would be in demand in future.

4) ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY PEOPLE– This profile may sound absurd but yes these people are in great demand in the present scenario .We all are aware that there is a serious need to educate the masses on the issue of various environmental threats Since this is an era of social networking hence awareness can be spread through face books, twitter etc besides traditional methods i.e., T.V, .newspaper, magazines etc. Hence we need people who possess knowledge as well as interest to create awareness and do something beneficial to save environment. This profile enables people to write blogs, articles etc to educate people and make them understand various threats to our environment.

Making a career transition into another industry can be daunting, exciting but hard work! However, based on a recent IEMA survey, over a third of environmental practitioners have changed careers at some point in their career history.

Many choose to change career because of absence of enthusiasm in their role, a lack of challenge or because they wanted to do something in their professional life that really makes a difference to the world.

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Shweta Khandelwal
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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