Changing face of Higher education

The corner stone of change today whether it is in education or the business world is technology. The spirit of India in the last few years has been the rise of technology and technology based businesses which have reshaped the landscape of business operation in India. India has been regarded as a major source of labour for time immemorial but in the last few decades we have become the torch bearers and centre of skilled labour force across the globe and as a catalyst of change at the heart of which is technology. The role India is playing in the global technology order that of the rising giant and the behemoth expansion of our talent in the Silicon Valley and markets across the world is some feat every Indian can be proud of. This pride can be easily be attributed to number of years and decades that have been put in  by every student his/her formative years going through the rigours of  higher education in India before being a professional.  The systematic, scientific, and progressive higher education needs to be complimented for the advancements that the country has made in the last few decades, whether it is technical or management institutions. The Indian higher education system is regarded at a very high pedestal throughout the globe.

What makes the Indian higher education system so effective and efficient is the way it has been structured. On one end there is great emphasis laid on the traditional tools and methods of dissemination of knowledge and on the other hand the flexibility with which it embraces and incorporates the latest trends and changes is in itself worth admiring. The combination of string roots and subtle branches if that analogy can be used keeps the education tree healthy, growing and churning put excellent professional both technocrats and management specialists. The passion that is around for growth and development of the country spills over to the higher education system as well as we see the leading technical and management institutions around Delhi NCR and the tireless efforts made by them to ensure that the standards of delivery and discharge of education are upheld at all times. Institutions like JIMS which are at the forefront of these changes are working 24X7 to ensure that they are able to produce leaders who not only excel in their chosen field of work but become role models for all those who are treading the same path.  What sets institutions like JIMS apart from their counterparts is the zeal and commitment that they have for being the flag bearers of change and growth.  The no compromise attitude towards quality is the bedrock principle in place, whether it is the institutional infrastructure, and the facilities extended to the students but also the quality of faculty, the resources of lab and library, the institute industry interface, the exposure to the outside world, the assimilation of latest trends, and an emphasis of holistic growth and concern for the society and the environment are traits that sets the institution apart.  The use of technology to create such a difference has been the real key for this turnaround not only in the institute but across the higher education spectrum. The legacy of years of continuous efforts in higher education in India is now reaping rewards and the country is propelling faster towards more sustained inclusive economic and social development.

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Palak Gupta
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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