Growing Dilemma: To Be or Not to Be- A Case for Student Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit is a growing trend on the hotbeds of most  Indian universities and educational institutions. The number of student ventures in India is rising at the most rapid rate. The chief reasons that have attributed this trend has been the growing accessibility to technology and a rise in demand for digital business. Secondly, the financial lucurativeness and independence that entrepreneurship offers has far surpassed the need for big salaries and the lure of joining big multinationals. While there are numerous success stories from the lengths and breaths of India, whether it is Sachin and Binny Bansal of Flipkart, Dhiraj C. Rajaram of Mu Sigma, Ritesh Aggarwal of Oyo Rooms, Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal, the list is endless spanning across sectors, not every student today is able to take this crucial decision of starting a venture. This article argues that this is just the right time and nothing much to lose if the student community across the country weigh this option more closely. Some of the reasons are:

Opportunity is not Missing !

A growing trend in global business along with increasing proliferation of technology in day to day lives of people is the most important driver for generating business ideas whether it is to solve a problem or create a new vertical of doing the same thing in a different manner.

People have so much !

Post liberalization, India has witnessed an increasing consumer spending power and growth of many allied sectors. While this has increased the rate of growth, but at the same time consumers have less time for their day to day activities. Student ventures are best designed around these needs as they are micro in nature and generate faster returns

Built-in Network and Support !

Students have access to a large network of their professors and resources whose experience and guidance act as best inspiration and ready mentors.  And above all most student ventures have a ready audience from their own college community. Campuses act as best ground  to pilot their ideas before spreading into a full fledged commercial project.

You are Creating Jobs!!!

 Well, this is the best clincher of the argument as for a change, students are not living under a morbid fear of facing an interview board. Instead a sense of confidence prevails when you are hiring your college mates—

 Failure is not the Last Word !!!

Finally, It is perfectly fine if the venture does not succeed in the first go. But the amount of experience gained, network acquired and hands-on knowledge about economy, business ,consumers goes much beyond the degree education of any student in the world.

Hence ,the ancient education system which promised a  well paid job after completion of the program me is a myth of the past and the real jobs require some internship or skill sets which can be of utility to business. So your time starts NOW !!!!!

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Sanjeela Mathur
Associate Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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