Any nation has three dimensions- its economy, its political structure and the educational system upon which the growth of nation depends. A country’s education system has a crucial role to play in both the political structure and economy. On the other hand the corporate world is also affected by the educational system. If country’s education system is good enough for the masses that would eventually join the corporate world, this would benefit the economy as a whole. ‘Knowledge is a potential power’. This new saying never fails to justify its significance in its actual terms. Knowledge empowers a person by making him literate, confident and aware. This helps him in establishing himself as an individual and in the making of his personality.  Corporate world is a structured business form. Education system shapes the corporate world as it makes a person capable enough to organize and manage things. Their skills are honed so that they can use these skills properly and fully. Education teaches a man value of things and discipline in life makes him creative enough to deal with the corporate world. Innovative ideas, better policies, optimum utilization of resources are boons of education. These stand helpful in the corporate world. So, we can say that a country’s education system plays a vital role in the betterment of the corporate world. Now-a-days, there are many professional courses available such as delivered by top MBA colleges like JIMS Kalakji by which professionals acquire the skills required to succeed in their corporate careers. People are opting these courses from the very beginning of their adulthood as they are very determined and focused.  This leads to a pressure on these corporate to serve quality products and services without an increase in losses. The quality of these products and services can be improved with the help of professionals only. These professionals are again getting their skills from education system.  Thus a nation and people od nation should strive for a better education system where people understand that ‘knowledge is potential power’ and ‘application of that knowledge is actual power’.

Dr. Garima Sachdeva

Associate Professor

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