Cosmos… It has bestowed upon us blessings galore. It has made us as if we are no less than a microcosm of the entire universe. It has given us the beautiful gift of life to enjoy and endless possibilities of what we are as a being. So kind, generous and liberal it is that it sets us free to choose so many things starting from the most basic of our individual and social actions to how we reap our happiness and joys.

Isn’t it amazing that we have the power to grow and develop ourselves in the ways we wish to, that we have the power to choose the quality of our life and how we shape our destiny in all? But let us ask ourselves for once, how many of us exercise this mighty right in true sense? How many of us consciously make efforts to head ourselves into a state of continuous bliss?

Some might say that they are definitely doing the needful as they indulge in feel-good activities like having their favourite food, interacting with people who love them, giving back to the society and much more. But here’s the catch, the cosmos is very clever. It has connected every single dot of our life to make one big picture, so it just doesn’t have to be one instance or particular things which we have to choose to make ourselves joyful, it is how we consciously perform even our routine activities which will head us forward in our pursuit of happiness.

We often hear many-a-times that life is a mirror, what we send out as our actions come back to us as a profound reflection in some or the other way. This rule applies to everything, whether small or big, whether good or bad and holds very much true, for what goes around will definitely come around. Acting thoughtfully is thus the key. It means we should not let incidents simply pass away in fortuity but we should start attaching our actions with conscious thoughts. This will make our life go into auto pilot mode to achieve the happiness we deeply think we deserve and intend to have.

We should remember always is that we are an embodiment of the enormous power that the cosmos is. Naturally selected, we are undeniably the most sophisticated race of animals present on this planet, then why don’t we embrace this by putting our consciousness and awareness in the doings that have an impact on our life as a whole? Why don’t we respond actively or proactively instead of giving mindless reflexes, reacting in the heat of the moment?

If you’ve never asked these questions from yourself then now is the time to do so. Reflect (but beware of monitoring) and change for the better so that you can live up to the fullest, amplifying your potential and magnifying possibilities (and not just the probabilities) of what you can become. Wait no more and unleash the power of the blessing that cosmos has given to you- consciousness.

Ms. Arushee Grover

Assistant Professor

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