Humanism- A paradigm for self-actualization

Humanism is a paradigm that emerged in the 1960s, which focuses on the liberty, dignity, and potential of humans. The humanistic perspective is a psychological approach which attempts to emphasize on empathy and stresses on the good and humane nature. The concept of Humanism deals with regard to the philosophical and moral analytics that focuses on the value and intrinsic role of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and rationalism over acceptance of dogma or superstition. The Maslows Theory- Hierarchy of Needs also propagates humanism and the humanist psychology as the study of personality while focusing on subjective experiences, free will, and the inner drive toward self-actualization.

Every person entails within him the potential to transform his life. A situation illustrating the humanistic perspective is for a person to analyze and make the best of their strengths rather than focussing on their faults. When people think something is beyond their capacity, they will fail to act. Once they realize their own worth and the fact that they can do something, they will take action. Amidst a blizzard of challenges and bitter struggles, we may be faced with two options to be negligent and apathetic or to assume the responsibly and transform the situation. The only way to overcome the hardships and build a state of indestructible happiness is by maintaining a high life force for self and others. Life is limited we must not begrudge it. Encouragement and guidance serve as the driving force that helps to identify the thing which is holding us back and rouse our courage.

Following the unethical and immoral path may help people to gain the treasures of wealth; however, it does not guarantee lifetime happiness and strong bonds in life.

As an important element of humanism, we must never fail to express our gratitude towards others. Remember to smile while interacting with others. A smile is a powerful tool to break through any adversity.

Everyone prefers to be around people who are energetic and optimistic. When we are brimming with a positive life force and great enthusiasm, we can shine like a sun illuminating with a light of hope.

-Shilpa Lalwani

Assistant Professor

JIMS, Kalkaji

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