Does video technology enhance classroom teaching?

Technology hasn’t just helped shape the core industries today but has effectively become an essential tool, one that can’t be removed. Our reliance has significantly increased with the speedy rise of technological breakthroughs. If you go back a couple of years further to 2014, the world got introduced to 3D printing, which has now become a widespread reality.

Technology has influenced nearly all aspects of life today, and education is certainly no different. Over the years we have seen an ever increasing rise in the use of technology in the classroom teaching, which is largely down to instructive and technological trends. We don’t only have a better understanding of how we become skilled at, but we now have the technology to support it.

To see a better use of technology in classroom teaching or lectures, we must begin by empowering the teachers, who are directly linked in enhancing the skill set and knowledge of the students through his/her pedagogical tools. In the past, teachers have questioned the importance of technology in education in which they believe unfocused their attention away from teaching. Teachers want schools and higher educational institutions to initiate technology that allows them to do a lot more with fewer resources.

Technology has now paved its journey into nearly all levels of education, and it’s necessary that we look at it as a helpful tool for contemporary education.. Teachers and parents, who are not yet fully influenced by technology, rightly want to know why it’s imperative to use technology in the classroom.

Below are the highlighted reasons why technology has been positioned at the forefront of the modern education:-

1.     Student’s insist technology in the classroom


2.     Teachers want the use of technology in the classroom as it makes their work faster yet effective.

  1. Audio and Visual aids always help grab attention of the students which further makes it more recallable for both the teachers as well as the students.
  2. Students tend to understand in a better fashion by animated characters or pictorial presentations as it more impactful.
  3. Modern-day teacher are more tech-savvy which helps them in implementing video viewing as a part of their pedagogy.
  4. Students today want much more that traditional classroom lectures, which makes the class less interactive and boring.
  5. Increase in technological advancements such as smart-boards, ERPs etc has led to a better platform for more video viewing in classroom teaching
  6. Technology allows students to acquire information at their own pace by replaying the videos or powerpoints as many times as they like and at any time they like.
  7. Videos account for 79% of the internet use, which makes it evident that there is a pool of knowledgeable videos which can support the classroom teaching.
  8. It leads to less time consumption, which supports the fast moving generation and its pace.

Ms. Jasleen Rana

Assistant Professor



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