Skill Based Education System in India: A sketch from the mind a Student 

This article is an inspiration from my student of B.Com. He expressed thoughts which have propelled me to shoot them as a blog. It is always said that a pen is mightier than the sword. Education plays a vital role in the life of any student. Through education, we can break the shackles of tradition, remove discrimination, injustice, poverty and bring real change in the world. The present education system in India suffers from various flaws which make it a burden for the students.

There are various ways in which the present education system in India can be improved. Focussing on skill based learning is one way in which we can improve the system from the grass root level. Schools should be allowed to provide skill based training. It can be done best by recognizing the areas of interest of any student. If someone is interested in repairing mobiles, there should be provision for mobile engineering course. Training should be available for those interested in  creative works like handicrafts. Skill based training will ensure one thing – Self-employment! Secondly, Focus on Rural EducationMahatma Gandhi once said, “The future of India lies in its villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too.” This alone explains the significance of focus on rural education. Emphasis should be made on schemes and schools for good education of rural children. Also, it should be ensured that good and experienced teachers are there to impart education to children. Focusing on English language, written and spoken English are both crucial in order to make the rural children confident  to express their feelings and opinions clearly to anyone. Next, what we can do is to provide Free Basic Computer Skills Classes to all the students from the age group of 6-12.  In this era of Information Communication & Technology (ICT), education has expanded to new horizons of computers, internet, creativity and innovation. Be it accounts, engineering, teaching or just the simple back office jobs, computers are everywhere and so, students should have the basic knowledge of them. Apart from students, Teachers Training also plays a vital role so that they are able to teach the students properly and inculcate good values and manners in them. Our country has already got many training programs for teachers. There should be uniformity in the design of curriculum all over the nation. Moreover, teachers should be trained in such a way that they know their rights as well as duties. Providing Subsidies and Grants to the deserving students for Professional Courses  boosts the morale of the student to give their best shot. We are lucky to have  scholarships existing in various schemes for the underprivileged as well as for the meritorious students such as KVPY, JSTSE, NTSE etc. We can further improve in this area by providing subsidies and grants in various professional courses and hence aspiring students should not be affected due to leave their studies due to personal financial limitations. Also, parents should also be educated. There are workshops and training sessions for parents to know their child which are of equal importance. Necessary steps should be taken to augment and improve the communication between teachers, students and parents. Parents should be well aware about their children’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to make strong slowly and gradually their children’s weaknesses. A very important factor which needs vital attention is the Health education. As it is said, “Health is Wealth”, it is important to include various healthy regimes like Yoga in the education system to make children health conscious and aware. Smart Classes introduction is also very important in the present education system. Though many of the Indian schools and institutes are already following this concept yet we should take a step that all educational institutes are connected with the concept of smart classes. With the help of the new internet, audio-video devices, smart boards ICT, multimedia concepts, we can modernize our teaching and learning pedagogy. The concept of E-Library to be introduced in our education system as it will help everyone free downloads and access from anywhere with no piracy, redundancy and security. In this modern era of smart phones and tablets, e-libraries will be a great idea. Moreover, the e-libraries can be updated quickly with new material and books. Lastly, Sports should be made compulsory. Sports should be made compulsory in our education system. As it is said “All work and no play makes Jack, a dull boy”, sports is very important for the overall growth and development of a student. This will not only help students to embrace a bright career, but will also help our country in the long run! Movies like Dangal, Sultan, Mary Kom are a huge motivation for parents and the education drivers to motivate, generate and uplift our youth who due to lack of employment opportunities and incentives cannot further pursue their career in sports.

To conclude with I would say that the education system of ancient India has always marked its impression all over the world. The Nalanda University which has again started teaching students from all over the world. So why not achieve another milestone in educationby making some more improvements? With little effort, great planning, hard-work and a positive attitude, we can definitely take oureducation system to new heights!

Ms. Barkha

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