Higher Education needs revamp for upcoming generation

Today’s education system, which is prevailingfrom past many decades needs change ,keeping in mind the times we are existing in .Higher education has not been designed to deliver the skills required for the disruptions ahead.

Education is the most important tool for social and economic welfare. A well educated population adequately equipped with knowledge and skill is essential to economic growth. Since education is the key to many challenges ,which today’s youth can face,thus our priority should be to design  education system in such a way so that upcoming generation can ride this wave of change confidently.

More emphasis should be put on skill development programs.Education materials of the 21st century should include interactive teaching ,concept visualization and learning models.Involvement of new technology can play pivotal role in bringing positive change in current education system .In this era of machine meritocracy, system of learning must be changed to match the future dominated by visual reality, artificialintelligence and block chain. Even though these days many students are doing self education by using web –based applications like TED, Wikipedia ,YouTube and many more such applications , but unless until technology is brought into mainstream education structure, masses  will  not be benefited. The main  challenge in front of  the Indian higher education system is to bring equality in quality of education across the length and breadth of the country so that  students in rural, semi urban and urban areas are  able to participate in the new economic change. Along with the improvement and advancement of the education system , the government should be considerate about the economically weaker section of  our society.

Holistic approach towards educating  young minds is very much  required in this era of globalization , capability of student should not be only measured by  marking system , instead  should also be judged by their performances in  project work ,classroom participation, communication, leadership skills and extracurricular activities, only then a genuine student will shine out.On the contrary   now a days , students are  burdened by vast syllabus,which  creates lot of stress , and leaves student  with no time for other activities of their interest.

One more important aspect which can immensely contribute in building strong education system is recruitment of good  teachers and there after  training them time to time on various aspects of education  like  use of  latest technologies in  teaching methodology  and  handling of  behavioral issues related to youth.

Last but not the least ,the fact which needs to be highlighted is  that the  education system has been  commercialized to a  great extent which in turn  is effecting fundamentals of  imparting knowledge to right person . With a result we are compromising on various  parameters of quality education. There is a need for government  intervention for correcting systematic anomalies. If education system’s commercialization continues to increase ,  things will not only be exploited but also manipulated to a great extent for making profits in higher education  . Commercialized education system also affects the students psychological state as well as general behavior.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence “- by Rabindranath Tagore.…

Ms. Reeta Nagari

Assistant Professor

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