Going by the adage, “No pain, no gain”, one actually realizes the sweeter side to any hardships or struggles irrespective of their form and degree. In fact, it is an eternal proof of life. Let it be any sphere; health, education, profession, business, personal goals or any other objective, one has to endure some pain in order to be an achiever. Everything comes at a price. For physical fitness, one needs to sweat it out bearing physical pain and keeping control over one’s diet which implies observing control over one’s psychological hunger patterns. For educational excellence, one needs to mentally grill oneself and perform meticulously which can be attained only through continuous practice and discipline. To be successful in one’s business or profession, it is extremely important to abide by the rules of punctuality, determination, diligence and discipline. These traits are developed through regular follow up of a strict regime and the commitment for on going learning. It sounds quite convenient to read and feel motivated by these human qualities, yet they are not they easily imbibed. Only, those who are ready to go through the ordeal come out to be victorious. And, this is what distinguishes a winner from a loser. Another important aspect is human relationships. Relationship of any kind is a plant which requires to be nurtured with mutual efforts. In order to irrigate any relationship which holds value in one’s life, one has to continuously work towards enriching the relation and have to make compromises whenever required. Whenever, society sees the success of an individual in any stream, it applauds and envies at times. The spectators become mere commentators and are unable to visualize the amount of hard work and sacrifices involved. For instance, a singer who sounds melodious to us, might not have tasted an ice-cream for years in order to maintain the voice quality. An athlete who gets a gold medal for the country might not have remained awake at night and watched a movie with his family in order to keep himself physically fit and disciplined. A teacher who takes a lecture might be taking regular voice rests on daily basis to keep the vocal cords intact. A model who looks ultra thin might not have eaten food for days to keep her figure that way. Hence, there would be innumerable examples existing around and amongst us which connote internal strength and are bearing pain in order to materialize their dreams. In fact, there might be many unpopular names who are enduring many physical and mental tortures and still, smiling portraying their strength and growing in life. It is quite evident that success involves a lot of pain in terms of various traits to be developed, sacrifices to be made and a lot more. One has to always pay for achieving something in life. Thus, don’t be afraid to look at life’s struggles straight into the eyes. Its only then one is able to surmount the unsurmountable.

Ms. Tanvi Gupta ( Asst. prof., JIMS)

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