WORKSHOP ON ROAD SAFETY organized by JIMS Kalkaji on 27th March’18

A workshop on road safety was conducted for BBA & B.Com. students on 27th March, 2018 to educate students about road safety and to spread awareness about how accidents can prevented. The workshop was started with a self assessment exercise where students were asked to check the boxes against some statements judging their driving sense and road safety awareness after which Mr. Ashish Beergi (Co-founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation), principal resource person for the workshop had a video and presentation played to steer an interactive session on road safety for the students.

A facebook competition was also announced, whereby the students had to post a picture of the ongoing session with a creative caption and the hashtag #makeroadssafer. Udisha Chaudhary of B.Com. IV E won the prize at the conclusion for the most creative caption.

Highlights of the workshop were the quiz and also the theme play (performed by Asmita Theatre Group) which left the whole audience struck with the never-seen-before stellar performance. All in all the session was very informative and it served the set objective well.

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