Education, the meaning of this word has changed since it’s origin. It began as simply the art of learning and writing. Today, it has a whole new meaning.

Being educated does not simply mean possessing the ability to learn, read, and write. Today, a person who is well read, is well aware of the happenings around him, the extracurricular activities he/she possesses, along with a number of qualities can be called EDUCATED. From writing on small black boards with chalk, reciting lessons in unison under the shade of a tree to learning being done through projectors and laptop screens, Education system itself has come a long way. With the advancement in technology and science the way of teaching being done in schools and colleges has changed vastly, and will continue to change for the betterment of the society and future generations. More focus is now paid on the Practical knowledge and skills of a student. Education isn’t reciting lessons and notes being mouth fed to students. A student along with the teacher now has to conduct this process of education. More and more involvement of the student has become necessary so as to inculcate the habit of asking questions and have queries. To help with the practical knowledge and skills, students are now also asked to learn through and present PowerPoint presentations in class so as to bring out a new side of expressiveness in them. Due to the advancement in the industrial sector and business organizations, imparting of proper communication skills has become increasingly important. Opening up of the economy and trade has led to a whole new set of challenges put in front of employees in organizations, to cope up with those changes education system has been revolutionized.

A new way of learning has led to the massive change in the personalities and competencies of the youth. One can only imagine the changes and advancement yet to be seen in this world of rapid growth and competition.
By Assistant Professor

Ms Barkha Narang

JIMS Kalkaji


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