Technology-A boon or a bane

Nowadays, technology has become an essential part of everyone’s lives. Technology is progressing rapidly with each passing day. Everyone in today’s time is leading a parallel virtual life. In every sphere of life technology is changing the ways in which things are viewed and done. Technology has enabled us to lead an easy life. From shopping online to interacting with our near and dear ones we rely on internet which is the biggest contribution of technology. Undoubtedly, technology deserves commendation for bringing positive changes like paperless operations, cost cutting, ensuring financial safety, making the distances shorter, readily available information, etc.

In spite of all these achievements, technology has made us depend on it entirely. We have forgotten to live without technology. Benefits of technology seem to have overshadowed the loss of human touch. How often do we meet people to share views and thoughts, express emotions and feelings? Hardly, do we see our close ones. A decade ago, that is not very long back, people used to interact with each other by actually meeting and not just over chats. Today, people have the option to know so many new people who actually reside far apart, talk to them, share views and opinions (which is a boon) but this has also resulted in widening of distances among family members. Chit chatting over dinner, family interactions and discussions has known to become a thing of the past.

As one doesn’t step out of home without putting on shoes, one doesn’t step out without his/her cell phone. Having a mobile phone in the pocket and having clothes on the body are equally important. Mobile phones are not only used for communication but they also solve a variety of other purposes which have rather gained more importance in today’s world. Features like photography, maps,social media, banking facility; E-commerce, etc. have made mobile phones a necessity. If someone loses his/her phone he has lost all his data. Therefore, technology is a revolution combined with stress and tension.

Although technology is common with every age group but, it is specifically extremely common among the youth. This is because they are born in a tech-savvy environment and they tend to adapt to it more comfortably as compared to the older generations. Technology, for example the internet if overused can have a negative impact on the young generation. Technology reduces the effort of students it enables them to extract all information from the internet in nanoseconds. This has a bearing on the students as this makes them lazy and leads to cut-copy-paste without any expansion of their knowledge base. Most students nowadays have a laid back attitude towards education. Students hardly explore libraries for gaining knowledge unlike the past. Technology has some serious negative impacts on the society. Cyber-crimes are most common with youth because they have constant access to internet.Youth should be taught and counseled how to use technology judiciously. The youth should be taught to use technology moderately, since overuse may lead negative influence.


By Ms Rupali Vashisht

(Assistant Professor)


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