Importance of Moral education – Need of an hour

Education system without inclusion of moral values is a system which is incomplete in itself. The most important crux of the education system is the ethics and it is must that these ethics are propagated among the upcoming generations.

In today’s times most of us aspire to be a successful entrepreneurs, engineer, doctor, lawyer and the list goes on and on with each profession respectively but very few aspire to be a good human being first. There is nothing wrong in having big aspirations but one should  not achieve them by compromising on  moral values. Every day on our way to work we come across people ,victims of road rage, people fighting over a pity issues. These days while going through newspaper we read lot about  corruption, abduction ,killing , rape cases and so on. Recent study on behavioral issue among youths has shown increase in number of incidences related to crime that are even taking place  at school level. Children lying to their parents ,disrespecting elders and people emotionlessly ignoring to let an accident victim die on the roads has become common sight. While we have lots of development happening in various other fields of life but unfortunately our moral values are depleting by every passing day. It is high time we as responsible citizens of society need to take very concrete and constructive steps to work on moral values at a very tender age.If the foundation laid is strong then the building will obviously stay strong. Similarly, the children must be given a strong base at a tender age of what morals are and how to inculcate them in their life. Though some of the schools are making an effort towards this by having value education and life skills a compulsory class in their timetable, which is a great effort, I am not sure if they are covering all the deeds and values that are to be planted in the students’ thought-process to make them exceptional beings. Morals are those that can differentiate between the right and wrong, the good and bad. But the irony is such that what is right and good to one might not be the same to the other. So, it is very essential to ensure that the right and good norms are taught in such a way that at any situation they have to be moral in their thinking. The teaching, if executed in an innovative way with simpler ideas yet effective ones, it can reach the students easily and make a great impact. It is also important to ensure that the children have perceived the morals and are sure to inculcate them in their lives. Only then will the purpose of education be complete.

Hence, moral education is a concept that has to be given immense importance in the education system because when it is given in the right way to everybody possible then the result is a better today and a better tomorrow.

By Ms Reeta Nagari

Assistant Professor

JIMS Kalkaji

Ms. Reeta



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