BBA/B.COM Department, Entrepreurship Cell Activity – ‘Kabaadi Bazaar’: Showcasing the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Kabadi Bazaar, an event  organised  for BBA VI on 15 march 2018 was a group activity to bring out the creativity of the students to use waste products and create something useful out of it. Groups of 4 were divided and students were allowed to bring the materials from home.  Ms Tanvi Gupta, Asst. Prof. (Faculty Coordinator -Entrepreneurship Cell ),  made students aware about their ability to make something unique and sell their products. Prof.(Dr.) Rashmi Bhatia (Programme Director)  also motivated and encouraged the students  to choose Entrepreneurship as their career.

Students brought various items which includes newspaper, bottles, cardboards, boxes etc to make best products out of the waste. The products which were created by the students were

  1. Flower vase made out of plastic bottles.
  2. Magazines stand from food boxes
  3. Pen and pencil holder from bottles and cardboard
  4. Gift wrapping box made out of newspaper
  6. Decorative vases. And many more such products.

Such type of activity is important for the students to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. It will help them to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Such activities are not only enjoyable but also a learning process for the students. Students should be able to explore  that with their innovative thinking and risk taking capabilities, they can surely become successful entrepreneurs.

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International Women’s Day Celebrations

Rotaractors of BBA/B.Com Department JIMS Kalkaji coordinated the celebrations for International Women’s Day. A quiz was conducted on women’s day on 8th March 2018 in the campus to enlighten the students about contribution of women to the world. Every class was divided into 4, 3 or 2 teams led by one representative each (each team comprised of one row). There were four rounds in all:

  1. General Round- To test general awareness regarding International Women’s Day

Untimed, with no penalty

  1. Timed Round- Guess the personality through their achievements

Time restriction for each team to answer the question

  1. Achievements Round- Narrate the achievements of the given women leading ladies

Passing the question allowed

  1. Guessing the Quote Round- Guessing the personality who said the given quote

Penalty Round

Students participated with great vigour and zeal in the quiz and it was evident that students already had quite a bit of knowledge about the subject being talked about.

Following are the students who coordinated the quiz from each class:

  1. BBA II M- Ishan, Samriddh
  2. BBA II E- Atishya, Kritika
  3. Com II M- Abhishek, HImanshu
  4. Com. II E- Rabnoor, SHubham Mann
  5. BBA IV M- Gouri, Danny
  6. BBA IV E- Aman, Tarushi
  7. Com. IV E- Siddharth Yadav & Prateek Joshi
  8. BBA VI M- Vashundhara, Rishabh Rawat
  9. BBA VI E- Daniyal, Ruchi
  10. Com. VI M- Naman, Aditya
  11. Com. VI E- Ravneet, Dheer

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MATRIBHASHA DIWAS organized by Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji BBA/B.Com Department

Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji organized Matribhasha Diwas on 20th February, 2018 to observe the importance of our cultural values and our mother tongue. The activity was organized to celebrate unity in diversity as students from different cultural backgrounds and having different mother tongue came and performed their pieces. Details of the performances are as follows:

S.No. Name Class Details of performance
1 Rajat Mohan Gupta BBA IV E “Dekha hai Kabhi” Poem in Hindi
2 Mrinal Arora BBA IV E Sher by Ghalib in Urdu
3 Tarushi BBA IV E “Maaf Karna Bhai” Poem in Hindi
4 Utkarsh BBA IV E Skit in Haryanvi

Interview Scene

5 Shivil Mullick BBA IV E
6 Kanha Sharma B.Com. (H) II E
7 Atishya Khanna BBA II E Slam Poetry in Hindi
8 Mohit Chauhan BBA IV E “Maaye Ni Meriye” Pahaadhi Song
9 Rabnoor Kaur B.Com. (H) II E “Kaalaa Doriyaan” Punjabi Song

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TREE PLANTATION organised by BBA/B.Com Rotaract Club of JIMS Kalkaji

A tree plantation drive was organized on 20th Feb, 2018 by Rotaract club, under the supervision of Programme Director BBA Prof.(Dr.) Rashmi Bhatia and Faculty members Ms Ashima Saxena and Ms Arushee Grover. Students of Rotaract club participated enthusiastically and saplings were planted in garden of JIMS Kalkaji. Students also pledged to take care of the saplings planted.

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Post Budget Panel Discussion on 7th February, 2018 organised by JIMS Kalkaji

JIMS Kalkaji organised a Panel Discussion on Union Budget 2018-19 on 7th February’18 at its Auditorium. The programme facilitated an informed discussion on the Union Budget 2018-19. The discussion was focused on the policy priorities in the Budget and its implications for different sections of the population. The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation from the experts, academia, and the students. The program was graced by the presence of eminent personalities – Dr. S. P. Sharma, Chief Economist, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Sunil Kapoor, Financial Consultant and Taxation Adviser of repute and Mr. Praveen Kataria, practicing Chartered Accountant. Prof. Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth, Director General JIMS Kalkaji and Prof. Dr. J K Batra, Director JIMS Kalkaji were present as dignified panel members.

Professor Dr. Neelam Tandon, in her introductory speech, gave the brief glimpse of Budger 2018. The guests and Dignitaries on the dais were  greeted with floral bouquets. The auspicious Saraswati Vandana and Ceremonial Lamp Lighting marked the ceremonial commencing of the event.  Prof. Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth, delivered the welcome speech, bringing out the major highlights of the Budget. His speech set the stage for the experts to carry the discussion ahead. Dr. Sharma called the budget as an inclusive budget. He lucidly explained how this budget has been an initiative to boost the purchasing power of rural India who comprise of 70% of our population. Unless there is an increase in the aggregate demand , the economic development is not possible. He explained how the MSME sector is benefited out of the budget. Mr. Kapoor on the other hand, was of a different opinion that is a typical Robin Hood style budget with an intention of taking out wealth from the rich to pass over to the poor. It is of not much benefit to the youth and the common people who are yet to revive to their normal state after swallowing the impact of demonitisation, GST implementation and then Benami Transaction Act. Mr. Kataria highlighted that the role of insurance sector in an emerging economy.

Students came up with interesting questions on bitcoin and blockchain technology, MSP on crops, significance of Eway Bill, the justification of imposition of Long Term Capital  Gain Tax and were answered by the panelists to their satisfaction. Dr. Batra concluded the session with a vote of thanks and with heartfelt expectation that the real beneficiary of the budget actually gets the benefits. That will truly take our economy ahead. The session ended with this underlying dream for a better and prosperous India.

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Industrial Visits organized by BBA/B.Com Dept. of JIMS Kalkaji

Various Industrial Visits have been organized by BBA/B.Com Department of JIMS Kalkaji. 3 Industrial Visits were organized in the month of January’18 to Thompson Press, Faridabad and Parle Biscuits, Bahadurgarh. B.Com VI (E) and BBA VI (M) students visited Thompson Press on 19th January and 30th January respectively. BBA IV (E) visited Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. On 30th January. 2 Industrial Visits were organized in the month of February’18 to Yakult Danone Pvt. Ltd., Haryana and Mother Dairy, Patparganj. BBA II (M) visited Yakult Danone Pvt. Ltd. on 2nd February and B.Com II (M) visited Mother Dairy on 6th February. The visits were organized to make the students aware of how various activities related to Inventory, Manufacturing and Distribution are carried out in the companies.7FEA3F0B-1837-4AEF-83C1-201CD7981279

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Green Good Deeds Campaign and World Wetlands Day with Dr. Harsh Vardhan

On 31st January 2018, Honorable Minister of Science and Technology Department of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan organized an exhibition on 500 good deeds which can be undertaken to save the environment. Our BBA/Bcom students,   Himanshi Mangla, Kashif Isa, Kartik Dutt Sharma and Kunal Wadhwa  became “Green Ambassadors”  and took  up the responsibility of the country’s sustainable development in their hands. Later on 2nd February, 2018, World Wetlands Day was celebrated at the residence of Dr. Harsh Vardhan. He inaugurated the event and addressed the students. Our BBA/BCom students, attended the event and received certificates for the same. Later the students explored the Indira Paryawaran Bhawan also known as the Green Building.

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JIMS Kalkaji “Cleanliness Drive”

Rotaract Club of JIMS Kalkaji organized ‘Cleanliness Drive’ on 24th January, 2018. Campus area as well as area around the campus was cleaned by BBA/B.Com students enthusiastically. Also students took the initiative to make people aware about cleanliness. ee6a20d6-bf54-40ae-9de4-1b53db0854fb

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A Visit to Institution for Blind

Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji organized a visit to Institution for the Blind, Amar Colony on 15th January, 2018. The visit was organized on account of Lohri to distribute sweets. After the distribution of rewari, gajak, peanuts and popcorns, Rotaractors went on to play a cricket match with the students of the school. The match was a wonderful experience and children performed phenomenally with rows of fours and sixes flying across the building at times by star batsman Munir. After the match, children further interacted with Rotaractors and escorted them to show their instrumental and vocal music performance lead by Rajat on the piano.

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JIMS Kalkaji Excursion Trip 2017

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JIMS Excursion trip to MUSSOORIE organised from 20th to 23rd December 2017 was a memorable and fun filled experience for the BBA & B.Com students.

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