International Yoga Day 2018











International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 th June 2018 in JIMS Kalkaji. Shri Guru Gopal Krishan Ji conducted de-stressing yoga and Meditation session for staff , faculties and students. The audience performed various asanas and pranayamas under the guidance of guruji.


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Any nation has three dimensions- its economy, its political structure and the educational system upon which the growth of nation depends. A country’s education system has a crucial role to play in both the political structure and economy. On the other hand the corporate world is also affected by the educational system. If country’s education system is good enough for the masses that would eventually join the corporate world, this would benefit the economy as a whole. ‘Knowledge is a potential power’. This new saying never fails to justify its significance in its actual terms. Knowledge empowers a person by making him literate, confident and aware. This helps him in establishing himself as an individual and in the making of his personality.  Corporate world is a structured business form. Education system shapes the corporate world as it makes a person capable enough to organize and manage things. Their skills are honed so that they can use these skills properly and fully. Education teaches a man value of things and discipline in life makes him creative enough to deal with the corporate world. Innovative ideas, better policies, optimum utilization of resources are boons of education. These stand helpful in the corporate world. So, we can say that a country’s education system plays a vital role in the betterment of the corporate world. Now-a-days, there are many professional courses available such as delivered by top MBA colleges like JIMS Kalakji by which professionals acquire the skills required to succeed in their corporate careers. People are opting these courses from the very beginning of their adulthood as they are very determined and focused.  This leads to a pressure on these corporate to serve quality products and services without an increase in losses. The quality of these products and services can be improved with the help of professionals only. These professionals are again getting their skills from education system.  Thus a nation and people od nation should strive for a better education system where people understand that ‘knowledge is potential power’ and ‘application of that knowledge is actual power’.

Dr. Garima Sachdeva

Associate Professor

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The Flipped Classroom: Emerging Technology in Education

The Flipped classroom is a new technology in education blending online material into the traditional classroom model. It is a new pedagogy in which typical homework and lecture materials are replaced by short video lectures. It helps the students to view these sessions at home and make class room discussions more lively and interactive through debates and problem solving sessions. All lectures can be viewed online both at home and class that increases confidence and learning among students. It creates an opportunity for differentiated roles to meet the needs of students through variety of instructional activities. Students can view same lecture video number of times and understand it properly that gives them greater ownership over their learning.

Flipped classroom includes opportunity for students to gain first exposure prior to class, focus more on in-class cognitive activities, learn to correct misconceptions and organize new knowledge in such a manner that it is more accessible for future use. It provides a mechanism of feedback cycle as the teacher is always available to guide students what they have learnt online. Flipped technique is used in variety of ways- online classroom experience, full time virtual schools, or some version of digital learning in traditional brick-and-mortar schools. It leads to metacognition associated with deep learning.

Lecture videos can be either created by the instructor and posted online or selected from an online repository. During class sessions faculty serves as an advisor to students who are ready with knowledge of podcasted lecture videos so as to involve class more into collaborative effort, projects and workshops. Here the students have full liberty to rewind, stop and rerun a lecture as per choice giving more freedom to one-to-one teaching as in class, some portions may be missed due to unclear concepts. Preparing a lecture video is however an additional task for a faculty requiring new skills. It is enabling students to not only cover study material but also master it.

There is no unique and exact model for flipped classroom as it can be any class arrangement providing pre-recorded lectures followed by assignments and activities. After viewing one or series of short lecture videos, online quizzes or assignments can also be conducted to test what students have learnt online as then the student can immediately rerun the video after test and correct doubts based on online results. However flipped technique is still lacking in areas having poor internet access or schools and colleges of low income and less facilities implying currently its adapted and most effective only in private or upper-income suburban schools and colleges. But gradually with everything going online, flipped classroom pedagogy will be the most widely adapted one throughout the globe as education then will not be limited to classroom teaching but accessed online from anywhere, anytime as per student’s convenience.

Ms. Palak Gupta

Assistant Professor

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Cosmos… It has bestowed upon us blessings galore. It has made us as if we are no less than a microcosm of the entire universe. It has given us the beautiful gift of life to enjoy and endless possibilities of what we are as a being. So kind, generous and liberal it is that it sets us free to choose so many things starting from the most basic of our individual and social actions to how we reap our happiness and joys.

Isn’t it amazing that we have the power to grow and develop ourselves in the ways we wish to, that we have the power to choose the quality of our life and how we shape our destiny in all? But let us ask ourselves for once, how many of us exercise this mighty right in true sense? How many of us consciously make efforts to head ourselves into a state of continuous bliss?

Some might say that they are definitely doing the needful as they indulge in feel-good activities like having their favourite food, interacting with people who love them, giving back to the society and much more. But here’s the catch, the cosmos is very clever. It has connected every single dot of our life to make one big picture, so it just doesn’t have to be one instance or particular things which we have to choose to make ourselves joyful, it is how we consciously perform even our routine activities which will head us forward in our pursuit of happiness.

We often hear many-a-times that life is a mirror, what we send out as our actions come back to us as a profound reflection in some or the other way. This rule applies to everything, whether small or big, whether good or bad and holds very much true, for what goes around will definitely come around. Acting thoughtfully is thus the key. It means we should not let incidents simply pass away in fortuity but we should start attaching our actions with conscious thoughts. This will make our life go into auto pilot mode to achieve the happiness we deeply think we deserve and intend to have.

We should remember always is that we are an embodiment of the enormous power that the cosmos is. Naturally selected, we are undeniably the most sophisticated race of animals present on this planet, then why don’t we embrace this by putting our consciousness and awareness in the doings that have an impact on our life as a whole? Why don’t we respond actively or proactively instead of giving mindless reflexes, reacting in the heat of the moment?

If you’ve never asked these questions from yourself then now is the time to do so. Reflect (but beware of monitoring) and change for the better so that you can live up to the fullest, amplifying your potential and magnifying possibilities (and not just the probabilities) of what you can become. Wait no more and unleash the power of the blessing that cosmos has given to you- consciousness.

Ms. Arushee Grover

Assistant Professor

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Humanism- A paradigm for self-actualization

Humanism is a paradigm that emerged in the 1960s, which focuses on the liberty, dignity, and potential of humans. The humanistic perspective is a psychological approach which attempts to emphasize on empathy and stresses on the good and humane nature. The concept of Humanism deals with regard to the philosophical and moral analytics that focuses on the value and intrinsic role of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and rationalism over acceptance of dogma or superstition. The Maslows Theory- Hierarchy of Needs also propagates humanism and the humanist psychology as the study of personality while focusing on subjective experiences, free will, and the inner drive toward self-actualization.

Every person entails within him the potential to transform his life. A situation illustrating the humanistic perspective is for a person to analyze and make the best of their strengths rather than focussing on their faults. When people think something is beyond their capacity, they will fail to act. Once they realize their own worth and the fact that they can do something, they will take action. Amidst a blizzard of challenges and bitter struggles, we may be faced with two options to be negligent and apathetic or to assume the responsibly and transform the situation. The only way to overcome the hardships and build a state of indestructible happiness is by maintaining a high life force for self and others. Life is limited we must not begrudge it. Encouragement and guidance serve as the driving force that helps to identify the thing which is holding us back and rouse our courage.

Following the unethical and immoral path may help people to gain the treasures of wealth; however, it does not guarantee lifetime happiness and strong bonds in life.

As an important element of humanism, we must never fail to express our gratitude towards others. Remember to smile while interacting with others. A smile is a powerful tool to break through any adversity.

Everyone prefers to be around people who are energetic and optimistic. When we are brimming with a positive life force and great enthusiasm, we can shine like a sun illuminating with a light of hope.

-Shilpa Lalwani

Assistant Professor

JIMS, Kalkaji

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Does video technology enhance classroom teaching?

Technology hasn’t just helped shape the core industries today but has effectively become an essential tool, one that can’t be removed. Our reliance has significantly increased with the speedy rise of technological breakthroughs. If you go back a couple of years further to 2014, the world got introduced to 3D printing, which has now become a widespread reality.

Technology has influenced nearly all aspects of life today, and education is certainly no different. Over the years we have seen an ever increasing rise in the use of technology in the classroom teaching, which is largely down to instructive and technological trends. We don’t only have a better understanding of how we become skilled at, but we now have the technology to support it.

To see a better use of technology in classroom teaching or lectures, we must begin by empowering the teachers, who are directly linked in enhancing the skill set and knowledge of the students through his/her pedagogical tools. In the past, teachers have questioned the importance of technology in education in which they believe unfocused their attention away from teaching. Teachers want schools and higher educational institutions to initiate technology that allows them to do a lot more with fewer resources.

Technology has now paved its journey into nearly all levels of education, and it’s necessary that we look at it as a helpful tool for contemporary education.. Teachers and parents, who are not yet fully influenced by technology, rightly want to know why it’s imperative to use technology in the classroom.

Below are the highlighted reasons why technology has been positioned at the forefront of the modern education:-

1.     Student’s insist technology in the classroom


2.     Teachers want the use of technology in the classroom as it makes their work faster yet effective.

  1. Audio and Visual aids always help grab attention of the students which further makes it more recallable for both the teachers as well as the students.
  2. Students tend to understand in a better fashion by animated characters or pictorial presentations as it more impactful.
  3. Modern-day teacher are more tech-savvy which helps them in implementing video viewing as a part of their pedagogy.
  4. Students today want much more that traditional classroom lectures, which makes the class less interactive and boring.
  5. Increase in technological advancements such as smart-boards, ERPs etc has led to a better platform for more video viewing in classroom teaching
  6. Technology allows students to acquire information at their own pace by replaying the videos or powerpoints as many times as they like and at any time they like.
  7. Videos account for 79% of the internet use, which makes it evident that there is a pool of knowledgeable videos which can support the classroom teaching.
  8. It leads to less time consumption, which supports the fast moving generation and its pace.

Ms. Jasleen Rana

Assistant Professor



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Skill Based Education System in India: A sketch from the mind a Student 

This article is an inspiration from my student of B.Com. He expressed thoughts which have propelled me to shoot them as a blog. It is always said that a pen is mightier than the sword. Education plays a vital role in the life of any student. Through education, we can break the shackles of tradition, remove discrimination, injustice, poverty and bring real change in the world. The present education system in India suffers from various flaws which make it a burden for the students.

There are various ways in which the present education system in India can be improved. Focussing on skill based learning is one way in which we can improve the system from the grass root level. Schools should be allowed to provide skill based training. It can be done best by recognizing the areas of interest of any student. If someone is interested in repairing mobiles, there should be provision for mobile engineering course. Training should be available for those interested in  creative works like handicrafts. Skill based training will ensure one thing – Self-employment! Secondly, Focus on Rural EducationMahatma Gandhi once said, “The future of India lies in its villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too.” This alone explains the significance of focus on rural education. Emphasis should be made on schemes and schools for good education of rural children. Also, it should be ensured that good and experienced teachers are there to impart education to children. Focusing on English language, written and spoken English are both crucial in order to make the rural children confident  to express their feelings and opinions clearly to anyone. Next, what we can do is to provide Free Basic Computer Skills Classes to all the students from the age group of 6-12.  In this era of Information Communication & Technology (ICT), education has expanded to new horizons of computers, internet, creativity and innovation. Be it accounts, engineering, teaching or just the simple back office jobs, computers are everywhere and so, students should have the basic knowledge of them. Apart from students, Teachers Training also plays a vital role so that they are able to teach the students properly and inculcate good values and manners in them. Our country has already got many training programs for teachers. There should be uniformity in the design of curriculum all over the nation. Moreover, teachers should be trained in such a way that they know their rights as well as duties. Providing Subsidies and Grants to the deserving students for Professional Courses  boosts the morale of the student to give their best shot. We are lucky to have  scholarships existing in various schemes for the underprivileged as well as for the meritorious students such as KVPY, JSTSE, NTSE etc. We can further improve in this area by providing subsidies and grants in various professional courses and hence aspiring students should not be affected due to leave their studies due to personal financial limitations. Also, parents should also be educated. There are workshops and training sessions for parents to know their child which are of equal importance. Necessary steps should be taken to augment and improve the communication between teachers, students and parents. Parents should be well aware about their children’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to make strong slowly and gradually their children’s weaknesses. A very important factor which needs vital attention is the Health education. As it is said, “Health is Wealth”, it is important to include various healthy regimes like Yoga in the education system to make children health conscious and aware. Smart Classes introduction is also very important in the present education system. Though many of the Indian schools and institutes are already following this concept yet we should take a step that all educational institutes are connected with the concept of smart classes. With the help of the new internet, audio-video devices, smart boards ICT, multimedia concepts, we can modernize our teaching and learning pedagogy. The concept of E-Library to be introduced in our education system as it will help everyone free downloads and access from anywhere with no piracy, redundancy and security. In this modern era of smart phones and tablets, e-libraries will be a great idea. Moreover, the e-libraries can be updated quickly with new material and books. Lastly, Sports should be made compulsory. Sports should be made compulsory in our education system. As it is said “All work and no play makes Jack, a dull boy”, sports is very important for the overall growth and development of a student. This will not only help students to embrace a bright career, but will also help our country in the long run! Movies like Dangal, Sultan, Mary Kom are a huge motivation for parents and the education drivers to motivate, generate and uplift our youth who due to lack of employment opportunities and incentives cannot further pursue their career in sports.

To conclude with I would say that the education system of ancient India has always marked its impression all over the world. The Nalanda University which has again started teaching students from all over the world. So why not achieve another milestone in educationby making some more improvements? With little effort, great planning, hard-work and a positive attitude, we can definitely take oureducation system to new heights!

Ms. Barkha

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Invest in memories and get happiness in return

Had money been infinite …choice would have never existed!! …yes the reality of our resources but unlimited desires… money but unlimited wants….so what are
we supposed to do? Or what are we supposed to choose…? Buy a new phone or go for a weekend getaway? A dress or a spa ?….aint all us face these in our lives….Yes, it’s high time that we realize and unearth where is our real happiness.We are living in the age of
consumerism where innumerable innovative products and services are thrown to us every minute. The social media is so influential that they make you feel that happiness is buying a spacious house, an expensive car ,trendiest clothes and posting all of these on the social media and that too using most latest gadgets.These products do add value to your life.They make you joyous,give u a feeling of accomplishment but for how long? The effect is temporary and short
lived.These materialistic goods only gives us a short run happiness which fades away with time. On the other hand, imagine yourself investing the same money on a trip to ladakh with friends or family ,the thrill,the experience,the moments,the laughter with your loved ones will outweigh anything in this world.the reason is very simple but deep to understand …we are creating memories….memories that will lasts forever with us and the charm of these memories
will never fade in fact will always enhance whenever we will remember it.We return from vacation not only with our baggages with clothes but with such beautiful and lovely memories. It’s important to feel good rather than look good.It’s not only travel which gives us long term happiness in fact anything which create a life long memory and experience for you….it could be a painting class, spending time in your garden…chatting and laughing with
your elders….a yoga session, doing any sort of adventure activities whicgives a rush to your adrenaline and makes you a more confident person….trying to explore the unexplored yourself…In the hustle bustle of our busy routines ,pop up of emails and beep of mobiles phones every second …its the time, to do what you love and can cherish for lifetime.Everything has a relevance in life be it a materialistic product or a vacation but if one ignores the real happiness in pursuit of the so called rat race,the social stigma,then its the time to rethink the real meaning of life..One has to strike a balance in life. The journey and the world on which we have been
sent to achieve something with happiness.Let’s explore that world.At the end of the day we all earn,work hard and strive to be happy from within but we forget to find the reasons which will
make us happy.One has to invest in memories to get happiness as return.

Ms. Shweta Khandelwal

Assistant Professor

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Importance of HR

No successful company can survive without a god human resource department.               For the successful working of the organization it is imperative that the human resource of the organization is cherished.   The human resource department has the potential to manage the most important and valuable resources of an organization. Without the proper functioning of the human resource department the company will cease to achieve the high levels of efficiency. It is helpful in increasing the knowledge of how the  human capital affects the success of the organization. It is leaders with expertise in HR strategic management tend to evaluate the workers aptly. The functions of the HR department do not merely rest in recruitment but rather it starts from recruitment till the person exits from the organization. The major area or function that the HR involved is recruitment which is the primary function of HR. This includes plans and strategies for hiring the right kind of personnel. This involves the HR manager s acumen to also identify the right kind of person for the right job. It is always said hire strategically hire right.  It is a two way process that is to understand the requirements of the job properly and also to understand the candidate properly. The role of the HR is also responsible to keep the employees motivated in the organization. It encourages people working in an organization to work according to their potential and also provide them suggestions for improvement. Performance appraisal when taken on a regular basis motivates the employees. The HR manager is also responsible to oversee that the work culture prevails in the organization. If there are healthy relations between the members of the organization it will lead to job satisfaction. The HR manger also takes a central role in the resolving the disputes in the organization. As conflicts are inevitable and may arise between the employer and the employee it is the human resource department which has to manage it and see that it does not go out of hand. Now with organizations going global it is the HR which has the responsibility of maintaining the public relations. They are not only involved in recruiting but also in involved employee satisfaction and measuring the training needs of an employee. Thus in the current scenario the HR professionals have to face challenge of retaining employees and juggling of diversity because of the global diversity. Therefore, any organization without any proper HR department is bound to suffer from serious problems in the long run. For this reason only the companies are putting more efforts into creating a more holistic approach towards HR in the organization.

Ms. Aditi Joshi

Assistant Professor

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There is an interesting and motivating line in the movie Blow by the character George Chung  played by the famous actor Johnny Depp  – “My ambition far exceeds my talents”

 Every day we see multi talented people showing their performance in various talent shows broadcast on small screen.  The Oxford English dictionary defines Talent as “natural aptitude or skill”. So a  Talent is the aptitude that a  person naturally has and he does not have to work hard for it. It can also be described as an innate ability which comes with birth. People are often found  to be “born with a talent”.

However, having talent means nothing if you have no ambition behind it. There are a lot many of them that have an innate talent and are not actually successful. The majority of the people that have attained privileged status or rewards were the ones that had built up an ambition for achieving that position.

It is actually the ambition that leads to achieving success, superseding talent and resources. An ambitious attitude can get you success or victory and the satisfaction, irrespective of the circumstances that surround you. The ones that are fuelled by an ambition to work hard and are ready to make sacrifices can turn their dreams into reality. They have the passion & the determination for their goal so they find no reason to quit unless they reach their destination.

And it is not only in professional endeavors that we should have an ambition, it is as much required in our personal life as well. Ambition gives us a purpose in life and motivates us to struggle for what we believe in.

Perseverance and persistence are the two pillars that lead to the attainment of ambitions in life and then we are called successful. There are no short cuts to success. A right attitude coupled with strong will power put it all on the line, because then nothing can stop you from achieving the goal.

Logically speaking, you need to set your goals based on your talent and achieve them, only then you will be called successful. Your talent and your ambition need to be in harmony with each other. Success is there in life only when you live for it and not simply dream of it, one that is thrust by action not by desire alone, a life where fears are faced, limits are pushed, and relationships are also cultivated.

To sum up in one line , a famous proverb can speak all Build a boat and cross the Pacific in it”

Ms. Rachna Kathuria

Assistant Professor 

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