Industrial Visit to Coca Cola

An industrial visit to ‘Coca Cola (Moons Beverages Pvt. Ltd.)’, Sahibabad was organized for PGDM students on Tuesday 26th July 2016


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FDP on “Educating the Entrepreneurs”

FDP on ‘ Educating the Entrepreneurs ‘ was conducted at JIMS Kalkaji from 13th- 15th July, 2016 in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).



for more details visit JIMS website

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JIMS Convocation Batch 2012-15

‎Convocation for ‎JIMS‬ alumni batch 2012-15 was organised on 16th July 2016. Degrees were distributed to all students on this occasion.


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Orientation Programme of PGDM & PGDM (IB) 2016-2018

Orientation programme for the new PGDM & PGDM (IB) batch on 1st & 2nd July, 2016 by JIMS, Kalkaji.

It was a two days programme. Shri. D K Raina, Executive Vice-President (Marketing), Wires & Fabriks (SA) Ltd. was Chief Guest of the occasion and Guest of Honour was Shri Hement Pandey, AVP (HR), Videocon Industries Ltd.


For more details visit JIMS, Website

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International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2016

International Yoga Day Celebrations at JIMS Kalkaji

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JIMS-International Yoga Day

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JIMS-Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on‘Research Methodology and Data Analysis Using SPSS & EVIEWS’ from 20th – 26th June, 2016

For more details visit jims website

IMG_8178  IMG_8245

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One billion people, more than 1600 languages spoken, 28 culturally different states and over 9 religions- all in one country, INDIA.

Different states mean different languages, cultures, religions, customs etc. And therefore, it simply means different types of WEDDINGS!!

Weddings in India is not just about a simple marriage between two people, it is about two families coming together celebrating the ceremony in the most dynamic manner. It is not only the parents getting involved in the marriage but the whole family and extended family.  Infact, in earlier times, parents never used to ask their children for marriage; they just got them married! Though this has now changed in urban areas and a lot in rural areas as well.

The fact of the matter is that weddings in India are not same as weddings in abroad. They are very different! Church marriage involves exchange of rings and taking vows in front of Jesus Christ and they are HAPPILY MARRIED EVER AFTER!

But but but, in India weddings involves ‘n’ number of occasions to be celebrated brightly, heavily both in food and money! Yes, it involves celebrations of Tikka then Roka then Sangeet, Cocktail Night, Engagement, Mehendi Night, Bachelor’s/bachelorette’s Night and the final day THE WEDDING DAY. *phew*

Although there are various states, religions and hence, the weddings, but the process goes on the same, however, the customs and rituals are different!

The most popular type of wedding in India is THE BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING!

This type of wedding is under the complete influence of status, money, deliciously amazing yummy Punjabi food, mind-blowing dances that includes both Punjabi/bhangra dance as well as bollywood/disco dance, heavier than weight sarees and lehengas :P, loud music and what not! A typical big fat Punjabi wedding!

Let’s get to the SOUTH now!

The south Indian marriages are very sober, soft and decent. They mainly focus on pujas, customs and their Indian beauty. The south Indians do not believe in spending way too much of money and showing off. They wear pure silk sarees, dark, neat kajal, south Indian heavy jewellery and jasmine flowers tied on hair neatly. On the wedding day various pujas like, ganpati puja, nandidevta puja, navagraha puja, etc are done & customs like: Kaasi Yatra, Vaaku Nichaya Muhoortham, Oonchal, Kanya Dhaanam etc are executed. This is how a south Indian marriage takes place.

Another popular type of marriage is “Aami Bhalochhi’ type wedding. Your guess is right! THE BENGALI WEDDINGS!

The Bengali weddings have different cultures, customs and rituals. Its starts with Aiburo Bhaat ceremony and ends with Oshtomongola ceremony. Red and White are the most auspicious colour for Bengalis.

The Bengali weddings include turmeric ceremony which is “yellowing the body” and then the wedding ceremony. During the wedding the bride is brought to the mandap on piri i.e. the wooden seat carried by her brothers, covering her face by beetal leaves. They begin every ceremony by blowing Conch-Shell and Uluation by the elder married women. You’ll always find sweet dishes like Rasogulla, misti-doi, Sandesh. And they will always be in red, white, orange sarees and hands & feet with aalta.

This is how the major weddings in India take place! I’m sure we all would have had such amazing experiences and are mad for such weddings!

This Article is Written by:

Ms. Barkhaa Narang
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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MAHATAMA GANDHI believed ,”Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not any one ‘s greed .Our present attitude and behavior with environment is no more life supporting If this trend  ,it will make the world more polluted to even breathe The dire effect of imbalances in environment is observed in almost every sphere of life .We are acquainted of many issues which have caused such negative effect on our environment where we breathe .Population has always been a grave menace to every economy as it overstress the natural resources of the earth. The environmental degradation has badly affected the poor who depend upon natural resources. Henceforth, both poverty and environmental degradation are two facets of same challenge and it is widely recognized  that population growth is a function of poverty .With the advent of industrialization ,we all have become so dependent on luxuries, ,processed food etc that they have actually become our necessities. Further movement of rural populations towards urban cities is putting unwarranted constraint on basic infrastructure of cities .Thus in the endeavor to manage our life style we end up deteriorating the virtue of the environment.  Thus, every individual has to take a step to cooperate with the nature and try to sustain the environment.

With this, the need for various career options in the field of environmental science have arisen. The various career options are:-

1) ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTISTS-Skilled scientists play a significant role as they scan the environmental issues, find out the problems and carry various R & D activities so that a clean environment can be built by developing cleaner technologies environmental management and environmental engineering are new career options to protect environment.

2) ENVIRONMENTAL LAWYERS-Since various environmental laws have been made to create awareness in people for problems faced by them .Hence the requirement of environmental lawyers, which deal with the cases related to water & air pollution, bio-diversity etc.

3) ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITORS-There is now an increasing emphasis on marketing goods with ISO marks, which are environmental friendly. Hence a check is required to ensure authenticity of various products marketed by companies, hence the profile of environmental auditors and managers would be in demand in future.

4) ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY PEOPLE– This profile may sound absurd but yes these people are in great demand in the present scenario .We all are aware that there is a serious need to educate the masses on the issue of various environmental threats Since this is an era of social networking hence awareness can be spread through face books, twitter etc besides traditional methods i.e., T.V, .newspaper, magazines etc. Hence we need people who possess knowledge as well as interest to create awareness and do something beneficial to save environment. This profile enables people to write blogs, articles etc to educate people and make them understand various threats to our environment.

Making a career transition into another industry can be daunting, exciting but hard work! However, based on a recent IEMA survey, over a third of environmental practitioners have changed careers at some point in their career history.

Many choose to change career because of absence of enthusiasm in their role, a lack of challenge or because they wanted to do something in their professional life that really makes a difference to the world.

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Shweta Khandelwal
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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Technology development in Rural Banking

Today banking is known as innovative banking. Innovation is the key to success for any activity and technology has become the fuel for rapid change. Innovative banking is possible only when we have innovative people in banking. Moreover, innovative ideas of such people have to be heard at the right time by the right people. Only then the needed encouragement and support is given to convert innovative ideas into reality. Indian banking is also changing its shape rapidly by adopting innovative technology products and services, The new technology has radically altered the traditional ways of doing banking business. Information technology has given rise to new innovations in the product designing and their delivery in the banking and finance industries, customer services and customer satisfaction are their prime work.

Indian Banks have recorded a phenomenal growth in the past decade with the initiation of Economic Reforms. One of the most significant areas where IT has had a positive impact so on substitutes for traditional funds movement services. With the advent of electronic banking, electronic funds transfer and other similar products funds transfer within time frames which would have appeared impossible a few years age. With networking and inter connection new challenges are arising related to security privacy and confidentiality to transactions. Finally the banking sector will need to master a new business model by building management and customer services with a variety of products and controlled cost to stay in the long run. The banks, both Public and Private, have transformed themselves into profit-oriented business organizations besides playing a developmental role in the economy. In an attempt to be more profitable, the banks have become competitive and more customer-oriented.

This new orientation has compelled them to take a more pragmatic approach for conducting the business The traditional functions of banking are limited to accept deposits and to give loans and advances. Today banking is known as innovative banking. Information technology has given rise to new innovations in the product designing and their delivery in the banking and finance industries, customer services and customer satisfaction are their prime work. Current banking sector has come up with a lot of initiatives that oriented to providing a better customer services with the help of new technologies. Banking sector mirrors the larger economy its linkages to all sectors make it proxy for what is happening in the economy as a whole. Indian banking sector today has the same sense of excitement and opportunity that is evidence in the Indian Economy. The going development in the global markets offers so many opportunities to the banking sector. In the competitive banking word improvement day by day in customer services is the most useful tool for their better growth. Bank offers so many changes to access their banking and other services. Banks plays an important role in the economic development of developing countries. Economic development involves investment in various sectors of the economy.

The banks collect savings for investment in various projects. In normal banking the banks perform agency services for their customers and helps economic development of the country. The purchase and sales securities, shares, make payments, receive subscription funds and collect utility bills for the Government department. Therefore banks save time and energy of busy peoples. Bank arranges foreign exchange for the business transactions with other countries. Banking sector are not simply collecting funds but also serve as a guide to the customer about the investment of their money. It has accelerated Customer –Centric delivery channels services round the clock.

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Arushi Gaur
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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Relationship of Degrees and Success

Yes this question is right. Many People, Research Scholar, Businessman, Faculty and Students always put this question but they not satisfied. Sometimes we think Degrees are necessary to succeed in life because management education gives exposure of market, business and management. But other part of this conversation is that some people don’t really agree that Degrees are necessary to succeed in life for that matter they don’t think any degree is necessary.
Success always depends on our capability hard work determination and focus. If we really excel in whatever job we doing we must succeed in our life. I don’t think any degree will hold the importance. Earlier when all these courses were not introduced still people were successful with amazing knowledge and great vision.
But now question is that how we get knowledge with great vision. For that an institute which helps a human develops its understanding of conscious and develop its ability to focus and power to analyze, and step towards a great education with overall management skill development in right direction.
After lots of survey of this question (Is achieving degree necessary to succeed in Life?) we found that Degree is not so important but for success we need a platform where we able to grow our capability, hard work, determination and focus. Education provides a platform to realize the potential and area for success in life. It provides guidance and teaches how we grow our capability, hard work, determination and focus to successes in life.
A good institute should be structured with the basic tools to enhance the exposure of the students towards the practical world and make them experience various options in the career world, rather than restricting their so called education system to class room teaching, achieving highest marks and getting a degree. It should focus on overall personality development and management skills of the students as not only the working culture, the overall life structure should be well managed in order to give ample time to all sections of life, like family, friends, sports, interest and entertainment etc along with work.
But this does not mean that achieving degrees is not at all important. Degrees represent that the person has been trained in the specified area and his skills can be further nourished according to the nature of work. The only talent based recruitment needs time and experienced recruiter which cannot be generalized for all employers and employees.
Hence I conclude that Degrees are mere formalities to put ur name forward but in the end it’s the Hard work, talent, Vision, Focus and determination of the person helps him to go higher towards success and achieve its goals.
Patience, Persistence and Perseverance is the key to Success.

This Article is Written by:


Ms. Shradha Goyal
Assistant Professor
Management Department
JIMS Kalkaji
(One of the Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi)

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