Vigilance Awareness Week

Vigilance awareness week was observed in JIMS Kalkaji from 30 October, 2017 to 4 November, 2017 with the theme “My Vision-Corruption Free India”. The event was organized to instill the value system and to create awareness among the youth about importance of high moral values and strong character.  The week started with “Integrity Pledge” in which all students stood together for aiming at nation’s prosperity. Also a number of other events such as Group Discussion on “Ill Effects of Corruption” were conducted for inculcating greater awareness on corruption and anti-corruption measures.

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A panel discussion was organised in Auditorium of JIMS Kalkaji, on 4th November 2017 on the topic ‘Towards a path of   Corruption Free Society’ as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week. The students were divided into groups of four students each. The students expressed their views with live examples on political, religion and sports corruption. They suggested various measures to eradicate corruption. The moderator, Mrs Sheila Bhargava from Expo Mart, New Delhi concluded the panel discussion with a message to uproot corruption from the society.


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Annual Sports Day 2017

JIMS celebrated its Annual Sports Day 2017  on 10th of November 2017 at Sports Complex, Jasola. The day was marked by the victories for some and misses for the others. The finals were played between different campuses of Jims for various sports such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, basketball etc. All the matches were very close and entertaining. JIMS Kalkaji  grabbed silver for five events viz Volleyball Boys, Cricket, Badminton Boys Doubles, Basketball – both Girls and Boys. The day ended with our guest, Prof Major Gen M P Singh congratulating the winners with medals and certificates.


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Raising awareness about the ills of alcohol and drugs consumption

 A Nukkad Natak under the guidance of Dr. Rashmi Bhatia, Programme Director (BBA) and Faculty Coordinators, Ms Arushi, Ms Jasleen Rana, and Ms Ashima Saxena, was organized by Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji on 3 rd November, 2017 to raise awareness about the ills of alcohol and drug abuse. The Rotaractors wearing black kurtas and red dupattas spread out in the gullies of Sudhaar Camp calling out people to come and witness the visual representation of what plagues their day to day lives. People of all ages gathered around the Rotaractors who gave a moving performance while interacting with the crowd through rhythmic couplets.



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Zest and Dandiya-2017

JIMS Annual Cultural Event was organized on 14th October, 2017 and on 13th October, 2017. For each event, teams from all the four JIMS campus – namely Kalkaji, Vasant Kunj, Lajpat Nagar and Greater Noida participated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

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The importance of retention in an organization

Workers or the employees are the greatest assets for any business which are far from being a liability. Attrition is basically defined as reduction in the number of workers through various reasons like resignation, retirement, death, etc. This takes place due to non fulfillment of the expectations of the workers from the organization in return of all the services provided to them. This is to some extent natural for any organization. There are few reasons which can be behind the attrition. They are ambitions, further career aspirations, inadequate training and inefficient management, family mobility, conflicts between job strategies and goals, role stress, lack of scope for growth in terms of position salary, lack of innovation, excitement, lack of challenges, management styles.

The organization especially in the field of IT needs to completely change its policies regarding the retention of manpower.  It is often seen that the employees sticking to same organization more loyal to the organization and management. As the employees working for a longer span of time are more familiar with the organizations policies and guidelines. As the reasons for employees leaving the organization are mainly low salary, less benefits,  lack of work life balance, not having a good working environment, dissatifaction with management,etc. the important thing is to know the main reasons of employees leaving the organization and then constructing sound policies accordingly to improve the retention . The ways of improving the retention is to have good periodical appraisals,  have sound policies, maintain a healthy work life balance and most important to have a system where the employees can go for their grievances and the prompt redressal to their grievances. It is therefore important for the managers to have  developed leadership training model in which the leader is able to look forth in the grievances of its employees. The organization should promote diversity and creativity. The organization should make their employees feel valued and important in the organization.

They should be attracted and retained in the best possible way and provided them with encouragement that would make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission. The management should consider and understand the difference between the valuable worker and the worker who doesn’t contribute much effort to the work and the organization. Thus, sincere efforts should be made by the organization to encourage the workers so that they stay happy and satisfied in the current organization and do not look for a change and other opportunities available in the job market. Thereby, the organization would not only retain the employee but will have a team of loyal and well experienced workers in their team and which would not only increase the productivity but will also build the goodwill of the organization in the long run.

By Ms Aditi Joshi

Assistant Professor

JIMS Kalkaji

Ms. Aditi

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The Most Important Question of Your Life

Everyone needs what can rest easy. Everybody needs to carry on a light hearted, upbeat and simple life, to experience passionate feelings for, to look immaculate and profit and be mainstream and very much regarded and appreciated.

In case I ask you, “What do you require out of life?” and you say something like, “I should be cheery and have a mind boggling family and an occupation I like,” it’s pervasive to the point that it doesn’t mean anything. An all the more intriguing inquiry, an inquiry that maybe you’ve never considered, is the thing that torment do you need in your life? What are you willing to battle for? Since that is by all accounts a more noteworthy determinant of how our lives turn out.

Everyone needs to have a stunning employment and budgetary freedom — however not every person needs to endure 72-hour work weeks, long drives, upsetting printed material, to explore discretionary corporate progressions and the mundane bounds of a vast desk area hellfire. Individuals need to be rich without the hazard, without the yield, without the postponed satisfaction important to gather riches.

Since bliss requires battle. The positive is the symptom of taking care of the negative. You can just maintain a strategic distance from negative encounters for so some time before they return thundering to life.

At the centre of all human conduct, our requirements are pretty much comparable. Positive experience is anything but difficult to deal with. It’s negative experience that we as a whole, by definition, battle with. In this way, what we escape life is not dictated by the positive sentiments we want but rather by what terrible emotions we’re eager and ready to manage to get us to those nice sentiments.

Individuals need to begin their own business or turn out to be monetarily free. Be that as it may, you don’t wind up a fruitful business person unless you figure out how to value the hazard, the vulnerability, the rehashed disappointments, and working crazy hours on something you have no clue whether will be effective or not.

What decides your prosperity isn’t “What would you like to appreciate?” The inquiry is, “The thing that agony would you like to support?” The nature of your life is not dictated by the nature of your positive encounters however the nature of your negative encounters. What’s more, to get the hang of managing negative encounters is to get the hang of managing life.

Your identity is characterized by the qualities you will battle for. Individuals who appreciate the battles of an exercise centre are the ones who get fit as a fiddle. Individuals who appreciate long work filled weeks and the legislative issues of the company pecking order are the ones who climb it. Individuals who appreciate the burdens and vulnerability of the starving craftsman way of life are at last the ones who live it and make it.

This is not a call for self discipline or courage. This is the most basic and fundamental segment of life: our battles decide our triumphs. So pick your battles wisely.

By Ms. Deeksha Suneja

Assistant Professor





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Diwali Stall by HCRA : Rotaract Activity

A Diwali stall was setup by HCRA (Handicapped Children’s Rehabilitation Association) on 13th October, 2017 near the canteen area. This stall was an exhibition of many handmade items like diyas, candles, jute items, show pieces, decorative items, accessories etc. made by handicapped children. This stall was coordinated by BBA/Bcom Rotaract Club.



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Recent Paradigms in Education –Enterprise Resource planning as the next wave!

This is not about digital web based learning or distance learning paradigm revolving around for quite some time now , but about the effective outcomes that are emerging as a result of embedding all resources for education digitally . How many of us have in the past compiled notes on paper? How many of us have photocopied notes for non availability? How many of us have missed lectures and classes and have never been able to figure out what happened? How many of us have waited for days before we could see the result on the notice board? How many of us have always been struggling with shortage on attendance? How many of us have resolved issues by forming committees and unions during our days? How many us could never assess and give feedback on our teachers and faculties? The answer would be in agreement to all the questions above! What is this phenomena referred to which has been able to address all the above mentioned concerns and emerged as a winner? We refer it today as the enterprise resource planning. It helps us to plan and give access to our students to all resources digitally and keep things transparent in the education system.

There are various digitally available techniques to take care of many emerging needs in the education system whereby complete assessment of teachers requirements and as well as a students perspective and their needs and requirements are fulfilled. The digital platform gives access to resource planning software’s which embeds all the necessary features and offers as a complete package. There are many organizations developing on an ongoing basis the resource planning software .Also, other than these digitally user friendly software’s are the applications being developed to resolve the growing concerns in education which can be accessed from mobiles and offers comprehensive solutions .This domain and combination of digital user friendly platforms has made it way simpler to organize resources than it was in the yester years.

The effects and positive consequences as we may see are apparent as the three communities benefit from the same namely as Schools/Institutions/Colleges, Students and Faculty/Teachers. Educational Institutions benefit as all the resources can be accessed and compiled in a much easier and accessible manner. Issues related to documentation which existed has faded away and everything is available digital. Student Fraternity has been able to witness a change in their favor as concerns such as attendance, marks, learning resources, lost lectures can all be accessed and they do not have to worry with anything being compiled manually. Teachers and Faculty have witnessed a complete 360 degree change in the way education has dealt in the past with concerns on marks, attendance, assessments, feedback, projects, learning resources and many more to resolve the very core problem of paper documentation.

This phenomena has given the education industry a breath of fresh air where software and application developers understand the pulse and the issues and problems that the education industry has faced in the yester year and are doing a complete justice by creating benchmarks and customized applications for methodical compilation of resources under the institution which can be archived for years and years now.

By Ms Gopika Kumar

Assistant Professor

JIMS Kalkaji




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Guest lecture on “Career in Finance”

A guest lecture on “Career in Finance” was organised for students of BBA and Bcom(H) Ist Sem on 4th October, 2017. The speaker was CS Archit Agarwal, Finance Manager, Betacom. He gave an insight about the various job options students have in the field of finance like investment banking, banking and insurance, M&A etc.
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Education, the meaning of this word has changed since it’s origin. It began as simply the art of learning and writing. Today, it has a whole new meaning.

Being educated does not simply mean possessing the ability to learn, read, and write. Today, a person who is well read, is well aware of the happenings around him, the extracurricular activities he/she possesses, along with a number of qualities can be called EDUCATED. From writing on small black boards with chalk, reciting lessons in unison under the shade of a tree to learning being done through projectors and laptop screens, Education system itself has come a long way. With the advancement in technology and science the way of teaching being done in schools and colleges has changed vastly, and will continue to change for the betterment of the society and future generations. More focus is now paid on the Practical knowledge and skills of a student. Education isn’t reciting lessons and notes being mouth fed to students. A student along with the teacher now has to conduct this process of education. More and more involvement of the student has become necessary so as to inculcate the habit of asking questions and have queries. To help with the practical knowledge and skills, students are now also asked to learn through and present PowerPoint presentations in class so as to bring out a new side of expressiveness in them. Due to the advancement in the industrial sector and business organizations, imparting of proper communication skills has become increasingly important. Opening up of the economy and trade has led to a whole new set of challenges put in front of employees in organizations, to cope up with those changes education system has been revolutionized.

A new way of learning has led to the massive change in the personalities and competencies of the youth. One can only imagine the changes and advancement yet to be seen in this world of rapid growth and competition.
By Assistant Professor

Ms Barkha Narang

JIMS Kalkaji


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